One of the most amusing, charming, and warm films I’ve seen in recent years, Hotel Transylvania is hardly what was expected.  At the beginning of Halloween season, Adam Sandler brings us a side-splitting comic classic in animated form, full of pathos, humor and sensual delights for all ages.

This movie is great for all ages, but adults should never say it’s a kid’s movie.  This is the kind of film young adults and old alike would enjoy.  And if you’re the action adventure type, or prefer romantic comedy, you won’t be disappointed.

Set in the rugged mountains of Transylvania, we find the hotel, built as a resort get-away and safe haven for monsters, but no ‘humans’.  It seems the monsters fear humans whom they consider more monstrous than each other. Count Dracula created the hotel and has been running it as the perplexed, paranoid and angry hotelier for well over 100 years.

His regular clientele include Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein, The Wolfman, the Invisible Man, and many others of nightmarish repute, though the film dispels the myth and reveals a group of loving, caring monster-folk.  Visiting in time for the 118th birthday of Dracula’s precious daughter, Mavis, his only child, the control-freak Count has planned a special celebration.

Hilarity ensues as everything goes wrong, but the escapade is full of moments of the bonding of the Count and his feared human.  The antics are lively and wonderfully disarming.  The all-star cast makes this one of the best animated films in years.

While the hotel is protected from the outside world and humans, Jonathan, one young American backpacking tourist wanders in and sends Dracula into a tizzy.  Eventually, Mavis and the human meet and “Zing” (monster talk for love at first sight).  Dracula and the monsters must face the outside world and discover their concept of terrorizing humans who used to attack monsters is outdated.  The scene brought me so much laughter that I cried.

The way in which Dracula goes to extremes to protect his daughter and resolve the errors of his ways made me cry so much that I laughed, so expect an emotional roller coaster that’s fun and funny.

I’ve never been a fan of Adam Sandler, but in this film he’s done incredibly well.  Heck, even the credits at the end are well worth seeing.

Out in both regular and 3D, this is the “MUST SEE” movie of the Autumn.  It was so good, I’m going back to see it in 3D tomorrow.  Whether you take the kids or not, this is a great film and when it comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray, add it to your collection.


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