September is a wonderful month. The kids are back to school; the summer heat is usually gone; the leaves begin to turn and seasonal foods span summer and fall. It’s a peaceful time, great for reading.

It’s back to school season and the time has come to be creative with lunch boxes for kids. THE BEST HOMEMADE KIDS’ LUNCHES ON THE PLANET: Make Lunches Your Kids Will Love with More Than 200 Deliciously Nutritious Meal Ideas by Laura Fuentes is a great place to start. The book features more “real-food” recipes and tips on how-to-stay prepared for the day-to-day routine of preparing lunches that are good for children, but are also good enough to inspire them to eat and not trade their lunches in for junk food! Tips include stocking your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry; lunchbox essentials like an insulated bag and reusable containers; how to craft a healthy lunchbox including a variety of foods; and how to master the kitchen and cook once and eat twice.

SALAD SAMURAI: 100 Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Hearty, Easy-To-Make Salads You Don’t Have To Be Vegan To Love by noted Vegan chef and cookbook author Terry Hope Romero reinvents healthful salads giving them some interesting twists. With designation for gluten-free and raw-ready options and recipes that are easy to prepare for quick meals, the author has come up with some inventive ways to keep your vegan ways inspiring. Some outstanding recipes include: pomegranate quinoa holiday tabouli; pesto cauliflower & potato salad; grilled miso apples and Brussels sprouts salad; and hazelnut shiitake butternut salad.

CARIBBEAN POTLUCK: Modern Recipes from Our Family Kitchen by sister chefs Suzanne Rousseau and Michelle Rousseau offers a glimpse into the diversity of culture, race, and history that makes the islands of the Caribbean a place to savor heady music and fantastic food. The authors explore how the flavors, tastes and food memories of their childhood influenced their unique cooking style, which combines tradition with modernity. Broken down into chapters like Fetin’ Time: Pickings and Sippings; Ciao! Bella – Wicked Pasta, Island Style; Alfresco Caribbean – Grill Pan and Coal Pot Cooking; and Our Roots – Ground Provisions, Veggies and Sides, the sisters include over 100 family recipes that include flatbread with arugula, prosciutto, mango and Manchego; spicy garlic “pepper” shrimp; jerked pork with mango ginger sauce; and caramelized banana and coconut crème brûlée;

I couldn’t resist checking out a new book called FRENCH COMFORT FOOD by Hillary Davis. Collected in this beautifully photographed album, are cherished recipes from friends and acquaintances the author has made living in France. The book is thoughtfully broken down into the following segments: welcoming starters and savory nibbles; brunch French style; soups, sandwiches, and simple pleasures; family-style recipes; supper for friends; and sweet dreams. Standouts include cheese soufflés in a mug; slow-cooker lamb shanks Provencal; brie melted in box with brown sugar for two; and meringue eggs on orange custard sauce.

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