After pigging out for the holidays, it is time to rethink our eating habits.  Here are a few ideas to get us back on track but still enjoy our meals.

NOW EAT THIS! ITALIAN: Favorite Dishes from the Real Mamas of Italy –All Under 350 Calories by renowned chef Rocco DiSpirito is a mouthwatering collection of old family recipes that have been slimmed and trimmed to perfection.  After traveling around Italy and visiting Italian Mamas, DiSpirito has worked to achieve wonderful dishes that don’t make you feel deprived.  Grilled calamari salad; minestrone Genovese; and even low-fat fettuccine alfredo!  Beautifully illustrated and inspiring to get us back on our healthy regime for the New Year.

COOKING LIGHT THE NEW WAY TO COOK LIGHT: Fresh Good & Bold Flavors for Today’s Home Cook by Scott Mowbray & Ann Taylor Pittman and the Editors of Cooking Light has over 400 taste-tempting recipes which are low in calories and high in flavor.  I am into healthful cooking and the photographs and easy-to-follow recipes are inspiring.  Fresh pear cocktail; arctic char with blistered tomatoes; truffled roasted potatoes; and drunken figs with black pepper granola are just some of the standouts.

1000 LOW-CALORIE RECIPES by Jackie Newgent, RD is another compilation of healthful recipes that will please your family and your friends.  A healthy lifestyle is a good thing.  When you make recipes that taste good but are good for you, it is a win win situation.  Beet and Fuji apple coleslaw; five spice turkey chili; baked artichoke gratin; and Mississippi mud pie parfait are just a few of the titles that make your mouth water.

I live in Los Angeles where so many people are going gluten-free that I thought I should add a book for those who worship at the no-gluten alter.  THE GLUTEN-FREE TABLE: The Lagasse Girls Share Their Favorite Meals by Jilly Lagasse & Jessie Lagasse Swanson is a sophisticated take on the concept from the daughters of uber-tv chef Emeril Lagasse.  Most gluten-free cookbooks are banal and flavorless.  These daughters of Creole-master Emeril wanted to write a cookbook that made food enjoyable.  The book features Southern classics including cornbread and Andouille stuffed pork chops; Portobello grits; baked stuffed shrimp; and classic key lime pie.

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