EAT CALIFORNIA: Vibrant Recipes from the West Coast by recipe writer and food stylist Vivian Lui, is about the seasonal and fresh foods in California cuisine.  Thanks to California’s fertile soil and temperate climate, the local produce is abundant.  Combined with the state’s cultural diversity including Korean, Chinese, Mexican, and many other types of ethnicities, the food is varied and plentiful.  Favorites include avocado green goddess; Baja fish tacos; vegetable dumpling soup; grilled prawns and creamed corn; crispy rice sushi; and peach shiso granita.

HONG KONG LOCAL: Cult Recipes from the Streets that Make the City by Hong Kong-born chef Chan ArChan who adopted her love for Hong Kong food from her grandmother who taught her about the flavors of this nuanced cuisine.  The book celebrates the amazing influences that shape Hong Kong’s food scene.  The book features over 70 recipes including: coconut and chicken soup; har gow (shrimp dumplings); braised beef short ribs with daikon; black bean chili clams; glutinous rice balls with black sesame; steamed minced pork with shiitake; salt and pepper squid; and coconut tarts.

THE SOURDOUGH SCHOOL SWEET BAKING: Nourishing the Gut & the Mind by baker extraordinaire Vanessa Kimbell who runs the Sourdough School in Northamptonshire, England is a wonderful guide to exploring the techniques and ingredients involved in successful sweet sourdough baking.  Vanessa also explains how sourdough helps to maintain the health and diversity of your gut microbiome, which in turn improves mental health. New studies are unveiling links between the microorganisms in our gut and our mood and behavior.

To quote Nigella Lawson on reading this book: “It is impossible to read this book without wanting to scuttle off into the kitchen.”

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