KITCHEN REMIX: 75 Recipes for Making the Most of Your Ingredients: A Cookbook by Food 52’s Charlotte Druckman is the perfect book for these tenuous times.   Ms. Druckman shows one how to combine and even re-combine three basic ingredients into a variety of meals.  We are all cooking nonstop these days and then easy-to-follow recipes and notes on stocking your pantry work into the new normal we are all experiencing.  For example, the author reinvents the ingredients goat cheese, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar into goat cheese salad; strawberry-chevre parfaits, and strawberry shortcakes.

BIG FLAVORS FROM ITALIAN AMERICA: Family-Style Favorites from Coast to Coast by the Editors of America’s Test Kitchen celebrates the beloved Italian favorites like pasta, pizza, and even spaghetti and meatballs.  The book focuses on Italian American cooking where the editors scoured the country to uncover recipes from pizza parlors to delis showcasing local dishes.  The chapters are organized by appetizers and snacks; sandwiches, soups, and salads; pizza and more; pasta night; easy weekday meals; Sunday suppers and celebrations, sides and breads; and desserts.  The recipes look yummy including the white bean soup; marinated antipasto salad; baked ricotta chicken; shrimp fra diavolo; and baked ziti.

KHAZANA: A Treasure Trove of Indo-Persian Recipes Inspired by the Mughals from MasterChef winner Saliha Mahmood Ahmed is a look at Indo-Persian food. Khazana, means treasure trove, and this book is a wonderful treatment of this cuisine.  The author traveled through India and Pakistan to find interesting recipes such as: mint, roasted fennel and pomegranate salad; Pasand steak with cucumber, coriander and mint raita; chicken thigh and sour mango curry; sticky tamarind and orange salad; jeweled Persian rice; and buttermilk, saffron, and orange blossom panna cotta.

DINNER’S IN THE BAG: 60 Easy Oven Recipes, All Wrapped Up by chef Louise Kenney, aka Bobsiloula, is a great and easy way to cook dinner with no washing up!  This updated version of en papillote, is organized by veggies, fish, meat, and desserts.  Delicious standouts include baked sweet potatoes, with goat’s cheese, parsley, and lemon; mussels with fennel and Pernod; Korean barbecue ribs with spring onions and sesame seeds; Greek chicken with feta and Kalamata olives; and coconut and ginger rice pudding with mangoes.

RIKA’S MODERN JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Simplifying Authentic Recipes by chef and TV personality Rika Yukimasa makes Japanese cooking at home accessible.  The book shows the basic techniques of Japanese cuisine as well as how to eat and enjoy food in the Japanese style.  We learn from the book that In Japan people eat based on the five tastes – sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty –and the five senses, or gomi gokan – go means five, mi means tastes, and kan means senses.  Favorite dishes include: grilled tofu with miso paste; sautéed fish with butter & soy sauce; simmered chicken breast with chili sauce; braised pork belly & celery with miso sauce; and stir-fried udon noodles.

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