FARMACY KITCHEN COOKBOOK: Plant-based Recipes for Conscious Living by restaurateur and owner of London’s restaurant Farmacy Kitchen Camilla Fayed is chock full of recipes for both vegetarian and vegan diets.  The recipes are innovative and yet free of dairy, refined sugar, additives, and chemicals.  Favorites include: roasted tomato soup; fennel and spinach with carrot dressing; white bean salad; sweet potato and mushroom curry; butternut squash and spinach casserole; and white macadamia cookies.

MAKE IT EASY, CUPCAKE! Fabulously Fun Creations in 4 Simple Steps by pastry chefs and cookbook authors Karen Tack and Alan Richardson is an enticing collection of four-step instructions for constructing cupcake masterpieces.  These foolproof recipes are fun for kids or for the kid in all of us who wants to play and create in the kitchen.

LEVANT: New Middle Eastern Cooking from Tanoreen by Brooklyn restaurant owner Rawia Bishara takes its title from the historic region uniting the countries of the eastern Mediterranean.  The author offers more than 100 creative recipes that represent a modern approach to her native cuisine.  The Mediterranean diet has always been a healthy one, with so many of what we now call “superfoods” at its base. But here Rawia takes it a step further by focusing on dishes that are naturally vegetarian or vegan and gluten free, as well as meat dishes in which vegetables take the leading role.  Standouts include: quinoa-stuffed tomatoes; roasted beet hummus; five onion chicken; beef stew with quince; and layered custard and nut crumble.

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