It is that time of year to honor fathers and grandfathers alike. Here are a few good ideas for cookbooks for your favorite Dad.

THE QUICK SIX FIX: 100 No-Fuss, Full-Flavor Recipes – Six Ingredients, Six Minutes Prep, Six Minutes Cleanup by Stuart O’Keeffe is a perfect cookbook for easy prep for Dads. Celebrity chef Stuart O’Keeffe begins with pantry essentials and tools needed for easy favorites to whip up quickly. Mr. O’Keefe’s mantra is simplicity in ingredients, time for prep, and he contributes shortcuts to make recipes go smoothly. Standouts include white bean chicken soup; roast chicken thighs, bacon, and lentils; port-marinated skirt steak with roasted grape tomatoes; and black and white croissant bread pudding.

MASTER OF THE GRILL: Foolproof Recipes, Top-Rated Gadgets, Gear & Ingredients Plus Clever Test Kitchen Tips & Fascinating Food Science by the Editors of America’s Test Kitchen is the perfect gift for fathers and grandfathers. The recipes and techniques are arranged by skill level so that cooks of all abilities can find something wonderful to create on the grill. Everyone will get information from the wonderful assessment and recommendations for gas grills, portable grills, skewers, tongs, rib racks, chimney starters, basting brushes, and more. There is even a wonderful discussion of food science so that one can learn the reasoning behind the recipes. The book answers questions like “why should meat rest?” I like the step-by-step security of America’s Test Kitchens, which always enables successful results.

COOKING FOR BLOKES and ARTICHOKES: A Modern Man’s Kitchen Handbook by chef Brendan Collins is the perfect gift for your favorite Dad, granddad, uncle, or friend for Father’s Day. I have followed Brendan Collins through the restaurants he has cooked at including Palihouse, Waterloo & City, and now Birch. I still marvel at his clean flavors and straightforward style of cooking. To quote the British chef: “no bullshit bloke, no bullshit food.” Highlights include: Stilton and onion marmalade grilled cheese; quinoa and shellfish paella; roasted duck breast with figs and farro; arugula salad with smoked almonds and crispy shallots; and his famous sticky toffee pudding.

Carnivore Dads will love reading LIDGATE’S: The Meat Cookbook Buy and Cook Meat for Every Occasion by über British butcher Danny Lidgate & Hattie Ellis. For those who love meat, this cookbook focuses on helping you learn more about tips on buying and storing meat as well as a wealth of recipes for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and duck and game, as well as stuffing, sauces, stocks, and sides.   The UK has venerated meat for centuries and it is explored here in such recipes as cottage or shepherd’s pie; pesto saddle of lamb; layered pork & apple pie; and venison with pink peppercorns & red currants.

TASTING ROME: Fresh Flavors & Forgotten Recipes From An Ancient City by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill is a great book for Dads or any Italophile who loves the cooking of Rome. Cucina Romana has a unique character, which is illustrated in this thoroughly researched cookbook. The best part of the book is the story of how the recipes have evolved. I loved hearing about the origins of my favorite cacao e pepe; frittata di zucca (pumpkin frittata); pollo alla romana; scaloppini con lattuga ripiena (veal with stuffed lettuce); and the drink nerone named after Emperor Nero.

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