EATYMOLOGY: The Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy by Josh Friedland is a must-have guide to decoding the delicious and sometimes bizarre new terms emerging from today’s professional kitchen, food science labs, pop culture, social media, and the Internet. This book will make an amazing gift for your favorite foodie who wants to be up on the latest culinary terms. How about brogurt, describing yogurt targeted at men; foodiot, a fervent gastronome who’s outsized obsession with food infuriates others; selmelier, a culinary professional who specializes in salt and its uses in cooking and pairing with food and wine; and raota, a Japanese term for people obsessed with ramen noodle soup? Total fun!

CCCP COOK BOOK: True Stories of Soviet Cuisine by Olga and Pavel Syutkin is an illustrated history of Soviet cuisine related through treasured stories and popular recipes from the period. The book has only 60 recipes but each is introduced with a story or anecdote and picture explaining how the recipe evolved. During the time that the Soviet Union embraced Communism, food supplies were scarce so the citizens had to be creative and resourceful in their recipes. This book, with its historical references and images sourced from original Soviet recipe books, depicts this era.

100 RECIPES: THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAYS TO MAKE THE TRUE ESSENTIALS from The Editors at American’s Test Kitchens is a wonderful concept. If you could only have 100 recipes at your disposal, what would they be? This book answers this question and more. The recipes cover the basics including mashed potatoes, cornbread, and brownies, to innovative classics like slow-roasted beef, cheese soufflé, Thai basil chicken, and orange-cardamom Latin flan. The collection of recipes is organized into three sections: The Absolute Essentials, The Surprising Essentials, and The Global Essentials. It is a enjoyable collection for someone who wants successful results from the methodical pros at America’s Test Kitchens.

I found a wonderful book I really like from New Zealand called ANNABEL LANGBEIN THE FREE RANGE COOK: Simple Pleasures . Ms. Langbein is a celebrity chef who’s new TV series Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook – Simple Pleasures is launching in the US. The food is made from super-fresh ingredients sourced from Ms. Langbein’s own gardens or local growers. Standouts include grilled broccoli salad; Swiss chard gratin: duck breasts with balsamic marmalade; shrimp and bok choy risotto; and vanilla citrus terrine.

Now from Donna Hay, Australia’s leading food editor and best-selling cookbook writer, comes THE NEW EASY: 135+ Clever Solutions and Flavour-Packed Recipes for Weeknights and Weekends. Donna is all about giving you no-fuss recipes, techniques, tips and tricks to make cooking meals super easy. But as easy as the recipes are, they are still innovative and inspiring to chefs of all levels. Who wouldn’t want to cook prawn dumpling soup; rustic tomato salad with whipped feta; caramelized onion and olive roasted lamb; or salted chocolate caramel tart?

CLODAGH’S IRISH KITCHEN: A Fresh Take on Traditional Flavors by Clodagh McKenna captures the Irish food scene by revitalizing traditional Irish dishes. Ms. McKenna, hailed as “the Rachael Ray of Ireland,” shares 150 of her favorite recipes including creamy leeks and cabbage; shepherd’s pie with colcannon topping; crab cakes with tarragon mayonnaise; and Guiness cake.

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