Four wonderful products fill our September round-up of gadgets and kitchen goodies. You’ll enjoy my selection.

The BOSTON WAREHOUSE LAZY SUSAN collection is both functional and fun! The hand-crafted unique wood Lazy Susans come in 16 and 20 inch diameters, ideal for a dining room or kitchen area. They are made out of beautiful hardwood with an easy swivel mechanism. I love the Flatware one with knives, forks and spoons in a circle. The Fat Chef with “Never Trust a Skinny Chef” is charming as is the Tuscan Wine, French Bistro, or the Home Kitchen. These distinctive kitchen items will make fabulous gifts for your favorite gourmet.

THE ANNECY CHEESE MILL BY PEUGEOT allows one to grate fresh cheese, nuts, chocolate and more with the simple twist of a wrist. Simply load your favorite cheese into the large reservoir, select the blade insert for the coarseness of the grind, and twist. Voila, you have perfectly grated food! The handy reservoir can also be covered and popped into the refrigerator with any leftover, ungrated ingredients when you are finished. A small tray keeps crumbs on the food but not on the table. The set includes three types of razor sharp stainless steel blade inserts for fine, medium and coarse grinds, and is dishwasher safe.

Wine aficionados can enjoy wine longer with the new VINEDGE wine preserver. VinEdge is made up of a sleek, no-pump spout and a disposable tube that is placed on an open bottle of wine. As the wine is poured, the tube inflates in the bottle, creating a vacuum and reducing the amount of air that touches the wine. Once the entire bottle has been enjoyed, the spout is removed, leaving the detachable tube in the bottle for easy cleanup. The stylish VinEdge spout is available in a variety of materials and colors, and the package includes extra disposable tubes and a base for the pourer when it is not in use.

THE TRU SINGLE-SERVE COFFEE BREWER is the perfect gift for young singles off to school or in new apartments. This compact brewer makes a single serve cup of coffee in three sizes including travel mugs and works with any K-cup flavor. Unlike most coffee makers that simply drip the boiling water through the filter, this model utilizes a pressurized chamber that extracts an incredible amount of flavor from each and every pod. It comes with a slide-out brew chamber, a water reservoir (fully visible when installed through a window) that can be removed and cleaned as necessary. A detachable drip tray allows for quick and easy cleanup.

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