Chef’s Planet Clip & Drain is a fun new toy to make your pasta preparation easy.  With this nifty little item, you can toss away your colander.  Just clip this dishwasher safe plastic item to virtually any size pot or pan and drain off the water.  The ingeniously designed stainless steel clip with a silicone gripper is easy to attach to the pot, but surprisingly strong enough to stay in place while draining water.  The Clip & Drain also works well with corn and other veggies.

For a last gasp of summer’s seafood bounty, try these wonderful Caretta shellfish pliers. These elegant tools use a spring-loaded handle and an open jaw to accommodate any size of claw or leg.  Instead of smashing through a lobster or crab with a nutcracker or traditional pliers, the Caretta makes a gentle and accurate cut cleanly through a lobster or crab.  Just place the claw in the back of the serrated jaw and gently squeeze until the shell cracks.  Caretta is made of durable German stainless steel and is fully dishwasher safe, which is important to remove all fish odors effectively.  And if you live in Southern California, September is officially dubbed “Lobster Month,” with three lobster festivals in Long Beach, San Pedro, and Redondo beach

If you want some garlic bread with your seafood dinner, the GarlicCard is made of plastic with a pattern that was specifically designed to grate garlic cloves.  Simply rub a peeled clove of garlic against the card for fine grating.  Instantly you have a purée to rub on bread or make into aioli.  I also found the garlic card great for puréeing ginger as well.  The card comes in a wide variety of colors including black, white, green, yellow, fuchsia, red, orange, and blue.  After use, simply run under warm water to clean or place it in the dishwasher.


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