MICROPLANE ULTIMATE BAR TOOL is a fabulous all-in-one tool to have on the bar.  The nifty stainless-steel tool offers 6 features including a clear protective cover which is serrated at the tip to mash and blend ingredients, such as fresh mint leaves, sugar and lime juice for authentic mojitos. At the top end, a middle hole is purposely designed to facilitate stirring to help combine ingredients, chill and dilute for perfectly balanced drinks. Next to the stirrer is a small, sharp knife blade to conveniently trim herbs, slice citrus fruit paper-thin, and prep other ingredients. Below the knife blade, this jack-of-all-trade-tool includes a razor-sharp scorer to pierce through the tough skin of limes, lemons and other citrus fruits before peeling. Below the knife blade and scorer is an equally sharp channel knife (twist tool) to transform citrus peel into elegant garnishing twists. A well-designed integrated strainer that fits across both a standard size tumbler and a shaker, and helps prevent muddled bits of fruit or ice from falling into serving glasses, is located on the opposite side of the tool.

UNCOMMON GOODS HIMALAYAN SALT WITH GRATER is a fantastic gift set for your favorite gourmet or foodie.  Just like grating fresh Parmesan on pasta, you can now grate from Himalayan salt onto your food. The miniature grater is made of beechwood and stainless steel and adds the ultimate complex flavors to any dish.

UNCOMMON GOODS GUACAMOLE UTENSIL KIT consists of an avocado 3-in-1 tool which easily halves fresh avocados, removes the pit, and scoops out the flesh.  It also includes herb shears for snipping fresh cilantro into your guacamole as well as a citrus juicer for adding lime or lemon juice to the dish, plus a flip masher which makes the texture of your guacamole perfection!  Now you can be a guacamole master with this amazing kit!

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