If you are thinking of a great gift for your favorite gourmet, check out:

BREVILLE CRISPY CRUST PIZZA MAKER http://www.brevilleusa.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=pizza+maker&order=price. For those of us who fancy pizza, and there are many of us out there, this compact countertop machine is a godsend. With a built-in baking stone, and dual heating elements you can whip up brick-oven pizzas in 10 minutes! It doesn’t matter if you like the thin-crust (I am partial to thin crust NY-style Ray’s pizza), or thick, this efficient pizza maker will make pizza to your liking. I see pizza parties in the future with this wonderful new kitchen toy.

THE ROCKER BY JOSEPH JOSEPH http://www.josephjoseph.com/product/view/443?gclid=CN6EobG7rbkCFUxo7AodFBwAeg is an ingenious stainless steel tool that rocks over garlic cloves to mince them evenly. Just use a little downward pressure and a rocking motion on the cloves of garlic and voila, evenly minced garlic! The crushed pieces are then held in the curved designed allowing them to be scraped into a container. The rocker is easily cleaned under running water and is dishwasher safe.

DEXAS CHOP AND SCOOP http://store.dexas.com/chop-scoop/ is my favorite chopping board! It comes in three sizes: small 6.5” x 10.5,” medium 9.25” x 13,” and large 11” x 15.” These innovative boards are ideal for cutting juicy fruits and vegetables. The curved edges keep juices on the board and the unique shape and grip handle makes it easy to chop, lift and scoop foods into pans and bowls. The boards are made of 100-percent virgin polypropylene, which will not dull your knives, and is non-stick, non-absorbent, non-porous and odor resistant. I also love the CHOP & SERVE (12.25 x 20.25), with two handles, which is perfect for carving chickens, slicing steaks, or cutting any types of meat or fish. And, all the boards are dishwasher safe.

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