It’s Mother’s Day time and I have looked for a few fun gadgets this month to make Mom’s life in the kitchen easier.

<PORTION by Quirky is a measure and mix spoon that saves on time, energy and extra dishes. This nifty spoon has measurement tools integrated in the spoon itself. The large and small spoons feature measuring lines for 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, and 2 tablespoons.  In addition, the hollow clear plastic handle holds wet or dry ingredients up to 1/4 cup.

Also from Quirky is SCOOP, a measuring spoon that easily converts into a spreading knife.  If you are watching your calorie intake looking towards squeezing into a new bikini, use SCOOP for the perfect amount of peanut butter, cream cheese, or butter to put on your whole wheat toast or even and apple. 

I find the design on the ALESSI KITCHEN TIMER, designed by Michael Graves to be sleek and fabulous.  It’s made of stainless steel and plastic and comes in four color options including blue, red, white ivory, yellow and for a few dollars more you can get black or white.  It is easy to turn and makes cooking more fun. 

CHEF’N WASH & TOSS is a unique colander that has an arm that gently sweeps back and forth with a twist of the knob.  The colander is great for washing berries, grapes, and veggies.  This unique item is also good for washing beans, pasta, and rice.

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