Mother’s Day involves lots of reflection to find just the gift that Mom will love.  As a Mom, I love things kitchen-wise –how many scarves can one person have?  Below please find a few ideas to make your Mom smile on Mother’s Day this year.

I am in love with my new Nespresso Citiz Coffee Maker & Milk Frother! Yes, I mean love!  I have had many coffee makers but this is the easiest and the most fun to use. It takes a few seconds to prepare a cup of espresso or a lungo, a bigger cup of coffee.  Check out the many styles that Nespresso offers and find one suited to your Mom or significant other.  There is the Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother built-in.  The design is sleek and retro-modern coupled with user-friendly functionality.  I love the hot milk frother which is attached to make cappuccinos.  The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is a perfect size for an apartment or small kitchen.  The Nespresso Essenza, which only makes espresso, can be pared easily with the Aeroccino Plus, a milk frother and heater all in one push of the button.  All systems use the pods offered by Nespresso which are available on line or at some retail stores as well.  Favorite flavors include the Ristretto, Arpeggio, and Roma but then I love my coffee strong.  Check out more flavors at

Babycakes Waffle Sticks Maker ( goes nicely with your coffee.  It’s the perfect gift for your kids to give to your Mom.  Have the kids open the waffle maker, make the waffle sticks, and then serve them to Mom in bed.  The compact design and nonstick plates make preparing waffles so easy!  It even includes a measuring cup and lifting fork.  My grandkids and I turned out some delicious strawberry waffles.  We sifted powdered sugar on top and had a fabulous morning of fun in the kitchen.

The Progressive International Batter Dispenser ( is another great gift for Mom.  The kids can prepare the batter and pour it into the dispenser which makes consistent portions in three different sizes.  You can make pancakes, waffles, or even cupcakes and this neat gadget is dishwasher safe.

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