MOBI SILICONE MIXING SPOON has a properly balanced handle allowing perfect control while cooking your favorite meals.  The spoon is covered with BPA-free silicone.  The steel spoon is sturdy enough to mix stiff batters or stirring thick soups and stews.  I like that the bowl of the spoon has front corner spouts to make tasting easy peasy!  My favorite part of the spoon that is it is heat resistant for up to 500 degrees F which makes it particularly useful.  The spoon is dishwasher safe.

WINE ENTHUSIAST PUSH BUTTON CORK SCREW is my favorite go-to wine opener.  It is reasonably priced and works easily and efficiently.  I also like the fact that it is small and sits easily on a counter and includes a foil cutter.

ELITE CUISINE EGG POACHER allows you to cook up to 7 eggs soft, medium, or hard boiled.   Simply fill the measuring cup with water to the desired firmness, press the power button once and your eggs are perfect.  There is also a piercing pin to prevent the shells from cracking as well as a separate poaching tray for my favorite poached eggs!

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