Laurie brings us a wonderful selection of great gadgets this month.  Ever thought about how great real, fresh butter would taste? Make some of your own just like-great grandma did.  A unique egg separator is no yoke (but that was).  Shake it up with Laurie’s selected salad dressing shaker.

QUIRKY’S SUNNY SIDE OUT PLUCK is an egg separator that is whimsical and workable.  Position this nifty gadget over the yolk of a cracked egg in a bowl, squeeze the flexible chamber, and then release it to extract the yolk.  Squeeze again and you release the yolk.  Now you can have your egg white omelets with ease.  Or, even put just one yolk in them!

PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL SALAD DRESSING SHAKER allows you to mix, pour, and store dressings, marinades, and sauces in one convenient reusable container.  I ALWAYS prepare my own salad dressing.  Bottled varieties are full of chemicals and high in salt.  It takes only a second to prepare a dressing, and with this neat gadget, I can prepare it and store it in the refrigerator with ease.  Simply add your olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, minced garlic, salt, and pepper using measurement markers on the container.  Then shake and pour.  There is a little gliding paddle wheel that reconstitutes the dressing each time you use it.  The container is dishwasher safe which is great when using oil.

The BUTTER-MAKING KIT from Williams-Sonoma is a great way to enjoy the freshest of butter in a twinkling.  I love the idea of doing this chore with children.  The kit includes all the essentials including 2 porcelain butter crocks, 2 teak butter paddles, BPA-free plastic shaker container, recipe ideas, flavoring options, and muslin bags for storing the herbs and spices.  Just add a pint of heavy cream to the container and shake – in 20 minutes you will have a batch of all natural butter.

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