What to get for your favorite Dad or Granddad for Father’s Day?  Why not a fun kitchen toy that he can play with in the kitchen?  Below please find a few new items on the market to please any father.

BIALETTI CAFFE D’ITALIA EXPRESS SINGLE SERVE ESPRESSO MACHINE http://bialettishop.com/Bialetti-Mini-Express-Espresso-Machine-BLACK.htm makes authentic Italian espresso coffee with thick rich cream in less than 15 seconds.  For Dads who love their real espresso, this is the machine for them.  It has the pressure to make true espresso with the ease of a capsule system.  The easy start-and-stop functions, make it simple to brew each cup.  And a convenient receptacle automatically stores up to 10 used capsules.  The machine offers 5 wonderful regionally unique coffee blends to please any palate.

TILT’S CHILLING SPHERES are unique toys made of stainless steel that are iceless and flavorless spheres that chill your drinks without adding watery ice.  Simply store the steel spheres in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours.  Voila, they are ready to be inserted into any beverage from whiskey to lemonade and will keep the drink cold for at least 30 minutes.  Tilt is center-weighed so it will always sit upright and is easily removed by an included retrieval hook, cleverly disguised as a cocktail stirrer or garnish stick.  Wash by hand with soap and water. www.soireehome.com.

THE PANASONIC FLASHXPRESS TOASTER OVEN http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/kitchen-appliances-toaster-ovens This new toaster oven has a double infrared heating system (quartz and ceramic), which allows for food to be cooked more efficiently than conventional toaster ovens.  What could be easier than 6 pre-set cooking modes for a variety of foods including bread items, frozen foods, and reheating?  There is also a digital timer ranging from 30 seconds to 25 minutes with a reminder beep to tell you when the food is done.  This is the perfect tool for dads and grandfathers who prefer the simpler methods of cooking.

QUIRKY’S CONVERGE is a great way to make fathers and grandfathers delighted.  It is a docking station that shows off your electronics while they charge.  Converge stows wires easily and out of sight.  It has 4 USB outlets.  For dads and granddads that love to cook, it is a great way to keep their iPad charged and ready to give them the latest recipe to cook!

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