Father’s Day is creeping up on us and I found just the perfect gift to give your Dad.  It is Bialetti’s Aeternum, a white nano ceramic nonstick cookware combining health, ecological concerns, and design all into one fabulous way to cook.  Aeternum is a heavy gauge aluminum construction pan which allows for fabulous heat distribution.  On top of this is a white nano-ceramic nonstick coating which is PTFE and PFOA free (the chemicals found in teflon-based non-stick cookware).  Nano-ceramic is the new coating that replaces your old non-stick cookware.  It is environmentally safe and a great boon to those who want to cook safely with less fat.  It comes in bright red lined in white in a variety of sizes.  The pieces are very reasonably priced at Bed, Bath & Beyond or on Amazon.com.

I love the 12-inch sauté pan for cooking scrambled eggs.  The ergonomic handles are easy to hold.  The bright red pieces are not oven safe since the handles won’t take the heat of the oven.  This June, Bialetti solved this problem with the new grey Aeternum Evolution pans which go from stovetop to oven. The pans clean in minutes by hand.  Dads and Moms will both love this new and exciting cookware.

Dad will love the brand-new Hamilton Beach OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener HamiltonBeach.com. Hey, we all love this easy to use jar opener.  It’s wonderful for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome but also for those of us who just want to twist open a jar lid without killing our hands!  This super item is strong enough to open a wide variety of jar sizes and runs simply on two AA batteries.

The Prepara Ice Balls are fun for Dad.  Fill and freeze these 2-inch round orbs for a fun ice-cube addition.  Pack them with mint leaves, basil, fruits, lemonade, orange juice, or lime segments and freeze.  Use them in pitchers, cocktails, or punch bowls.  And, they are made of BPA free plastic.

Stem Citrus Spritzer definitely adds zest to your cooking (pardon the pun, please).  From Quirky.com comes this innovative new product that inserts into a lemon, lime or orange and squirts fresh juice right into your cocktail, onto your fish, or into your salad in one easy spray.

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