I’ve selected four, simply wonderful gadgets for July to make your summertime cooking easy and enjoyable.

AMCO CORN DESILKER is a new toy in time for corn season. Everybody’s least favorite kitchen chore is getting all the silk off corn. Now this task got easier. Just insert the ear of corn through the de-silker and move it up and down. It works for any sized corn cob and the flexible bristles remove the silk without damaging the kernels. http://amcohouseworks.com/corn-desilker.html

Summer means lots of strawberries and the CHEF’N STRAWBERRY SLICESTER http://www.chefn.com/Product.aspx?id=178 is an easy and safe way to slice these wonderful berries. With one hand, slice strawberries quickly over a bowl or plate. It is a great way to make strawberry pie or a fancy dessert topping over ice cream. The item is totally dishwasher safe for easy cleanups.

PREPARA TOPPER CHOPPER is great for making ice cream sundaes on a hot summer day. Simply put your favorite nuts, candies and cookies in the stable non-slip base, and turn the crank handle to crush the ingredients. The base also doubles as a storage container with lid, if anything is left over! And the shaker base can also be used upside down to dip ice cream cones. The chopper is dishwasher safe and BPA free. http://www.prepara.com/kitchen-gadgets/topper-chopper/

MINBRU COFFEE MUG is for those who love their French press coffee. The travel mug cooks up a single perfect cup of coffee without the hassles of brewing in a pot. The “minibru” brews a single perfect cup of French coffee with ease. Just fill the mug with your favorite coffee grinds up to the lower line on the mug and fill with hot water to the upper line. Then wait 2 to 3 minutes. Insert the filter and press down. Voila, a perfect single cup of Java! http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/eef2/

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