It is very hard to get back into the swing of healthy eating after the holiday season.  YONANAS  will help satisfy your ice cream craving without the calories.  The nifty machine instantly churns frozen bananas into a great healthy soft-serve treat.  Instead of tossing very, very ripe bananas, peel, slice, wrap, and store them in the freezer.  Overripe bananas are key to the use of Yonanas.  Put them in the machine and voila, an icy soft dessert!  I mixed strawberries, mangoes, and kiwis with some great results.  The unit is great for kids since the results are healthy and they have a ball creating fab concoctions.

Peelers are everywhere in shapes and sizes.  This new PREPARA TRIO-TRI BLADE PEELER is a great way to get back into healthy eating with fruits and veggies after the holidays.  The Trio is easy to use and peels very efficiently.  The handle makes it easy to manage, the clean-up is stress-free, and it even peels soft tomatoes, mangoes, and peaches! The blades nest inside the handle for safety and the Trio is great for lefties too (and I don’t mean politically!).

I got an Ipad this summer and am addicted.  I certainly won’t leave home without it.  Yes, I play Scrabble and Words with Friends but I also use it for cooking.  I take it to the grocery store, find my recipe after looking at what is in season, and buy the ingredients.  Then I take it to the kitchen and cook.  To protect my precious “baby” I am using the new CHEF SLEEVE FOR IPAD 25 PACK.  These fitted, disposable baggie-like sleeves protect my Ipad like a screen protector on my Iphone.  I can still use it but not a hint of a splattered ingredient can damage the Ipad.

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