PREPARA SIMPLY MIST OLIVE OIL SPRAYER is perfect for spritzing salads, coating pans, and grilling.  The Prepara mister is specially designed with an innovative trigger handle which allows you to spray either a stream or a mist of oil, depending on how the trigger is pulled.  I avoid buying the aerosol misters because of environmental and health concerns.  With the Simply Mist sprayer I can eat healthfully with ease.  If you get two of them, you could use one for sesame or grapeseed oil.  The base of the unit is dishwasher safe. Get it at

CUISINART MIX IT IN™ SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM MAKER is a perfect Valentine’s gift.  This fun machine turns out professional-quality soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and sherbet with ease.  What makes this machine unique is the three built-in condiment dispensers which, with the pull of a tab, add sprinkles, chips, granola, M&M’s, nuts, or other goodies down the chute into the dessert.   There is also a cone holder that conveniently holds a stack of ice cream flat or pointed-bottom cones. There is also a removable drip tray which can be removed for easy cleaning.  This machine is so easy to work! Just pour in the ingredients, turn the dial, and voila, you have a delicious dessert that is tailor made to each eater’s specifics!

JOSEPH JOSEPH GLAZE REFILLABLE PASTRY BRUSH is cleverly designed so you don’t have to continually dip the brush into the mixture, avoiding drips on the counter.  I like that it stands upright by itself.  The Glaze Brush comes with two interchangeable heads.  The first is for egg wash and the second is for sugar glaze.  The gadget has flexible silicone bristles which are easy to clean and won’t shed into your food like standard bristles.  The tool is dishwasher safe.

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