The winter means it is time to make hearty soups and stews. The new AMCO SWING-A-WAY EASY RELEASE GREASE SEPARATOR makes it easier to degrease soups and stews in seconds.  This 4-cup capacity device strains the liquid and then with the squeeze of a lever the grease-free juices can be released into a bowl while the fat remains in the separator to be discarded.  The container is clear with measurements clearly printed on the sides.  Best of all, the unit can be easily washed in the dishwasher and is PBA free.

BREVILLE’S THE RISOTTO PLUS  This combination cooker makes stir-free risotto!  The Risotto Plus is a multi-cooker that can make Italian risotto and a lot more.  The do-it-all cooker has separate functions for stir-free risotto and rice, steaming, sautéeing, and slow cooking.  After cooking it automatically keeps your meal at the perfect serving temperature.  The 4-quart nonstick aluminum cooking pot is removable for easy clean ups.

CHICAGO METALLIC NON-STICK SLICE SOLUTIONS BROWNIE PAN WITH LID makes 18 perfectly pre-sliced brownies. Simply pour the batter into the 9-inch by 13-inch pan, insert the divider bake and serve.  The pan also includes a convenient snap-on-lid which allows you to tote your brownies anywhere or just keep them fresh.  The pan is dishwasher safe with a 25-year warranty.  Perfect for giving to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. And, the pan doubles as a cornbread, dessert bars, or cereal treat maker as well.

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