Mercado Market Bag is a great boon to Farmers’ Market junkies like me.  Each week I go to a weekend local market and find the most amazing produce to get me through the week.  This wonderfully functional tote, made of unbleached cotton canvas is covered on one side with two breathable mesh nylon pockets for delicate fruits and veggies.  It also features four small interior pockets (perfect for holding a pint of berries or even your money), two medium interior compartments, one large interior compartment with two elastic loops (great for holding a baguette or bunch of celery), and two small exterior pockets.  It is trimmed in pretty green cotton with a long adjustable strap that can be carried on your shoulder.  The Mercado also functions well as a picnic tote with a place for a bottle of wine or thermos.  Many of the Farmers’ Markets are doing away with plastic carry bags and this new bag is a great help toting my weekly produce.

JuiceLab is a lightweight but mighty tool for the kitchen.  It makes juicing so easy since the sturdy reamer head is specially designed for getting the most juice with the least effort.  The base has a non-skid ring which holds the device onto your counter saving spill mishaps.  And, it is clearly marked to show you how much lemon juice you have for your salad dressing or whatever recipe calls for citrus fruits.   I love the stopper which covers the juice so the container can be refrigerated easily.

I love toting my own infused citrus water.  With the Sombrero Juicer I can do that easily.  It is a nifty gadget that enables your bottled water or club soda to be steeped with lemon or lime.  The juicer comes in lemon yellow or lime green with a saucer to catch any seeds that might go into the bottle by mistake.  The sombrero juicer is dishwasher safe.

Zyliss FastCut Herb Tool is a fine and easy way to cut up your summer basil to sprinkle on tomatoes.  The soft ergonomic handle provides an easy way to roll the blades over herbs with great results.  The handle also offers the versatility of two different grips.  For safety, there is a blade cover.  The top comes off for cleaning and is top-rack dishwasher safe.

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