Get ready for Easter with ROLLIE the new innovative egg cooking system.  It is definitely a fun toy for the kids.  This pop-up egg maker is fast, requires no butter or fats, and makes an omelet on a stick.  You can flavor the eggs to make frittata rolls or other delicious concoctions kids will love. Each unit comes with a cleaning brush, 5 wooden skewers, food packaging accessory, and a user manual with 25 recipes.  And, if you go on the website, there are lots of demos to teach you fun ideas with eggs.  I like that kids will eat more protein cooked in these fun ways.

UNCOMMON GOODS OVEN-TO-TABLE ENTERTAINING PLATTER This unique soapstone platter keeps hot appetizers, breads, and pies piping hot.  At the same time, you can place the soapstone in the freezer and serve ice cream treats, sushi, or cold meats and cheese appetizers.  The wood caddy that surrounds the platter protects your table from the heat and cold, and provides handles for carrying to the table.

ELLORA FARMS, 100% PURE AND TRACEABLE, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL AND BALSAMIC VINEGAR IN SPRAY BOTTLES is my new favorite way to season my chicken, fish, or meats.  The olive oil in this easy-to-use spray bottle, is harvested from the Island of Crete and has the most amazing fruity aroma.  The balsamic is also from the prized vineyards of the Island of Crete, perfectly aged and conveniently packaged in this innovative spray pump.   I recently used both these products on a butterflied chicken, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and roasted it for 50 minutes at 500 degrees to delicious results!

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