PREPARA TABLETOP OIL MISTER is a great tool in the kitchen. You can now have flavored, infused oils in a BPA-free glass bottle, that easily spray on salads, poultry, fish or whatever you want to coat with oil or a blend of oil and vinegar. The unique filtering system allows the inclusion of fresh herbs, spices, and even garlic or shallots without worry about clogging the spray. It is a healthy and environmentally safe way to grease pans; flavor meats, poultry or fish; or season a salad lightly.

For Nespresso Coffee Lovers everywhere try the ESPRESSO LUNGO GLASS CUPS The kit is available at Nespresso stores and includes a set of two espresso and two lungo tempered glass cups. It is such a pretty way to serve this delicious coffee.

CIRCULON 12-INCH ROUND STOVETOP GRILL PAN enables you to enjoy grilled foods indoors in bad weather. Created of hard-anodized nonstick materials, you can create barbecued dishes right on your stovetop. The pan is easy to clean and smartly designed to recreate the healthy and robust flavor of grilled foods without added fats. The pan has a removable hard anodized nonstick grill plate that fits snugly inside a shallow stainless steel drip tray with two widely spaced side handles making it easy to go from stove to table. The pan is also oven safe for us to 500 degrees F.

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