Now there is a simpler and smaller version of a Nespresso coffee maker called the NESPRESSO U. It is perfect for kitchens with little counter space but produces the same robust and flavorful Nespresso coffee to which I have become so addicted! It has the same fully automatic brewing system and easy ejection of pods. The U has a 27-ounce tank with a fast pre-heating time and automatic memorization of one of three cup sizes. I just sampled the new Nespresso Linizio Lungo which is a fabulous well-rounded blend of Brazilian and Columbian coffee that works beautifully in the morning, especially paired with some steamed milk whipped up easily in under 70 seconds in my Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Pure Black.

I used to own a “Screwpull” no fail corkscrew made by Le Creuset which I loved until it finally gave out.  Now there is an even better version called the LE CREUSET ACTIVE BALL CORKSCREW AND FOILCUTTER SET, which features a pair of wine essentials.  The Foilcutter easily removes the foil from a bottle of wine in one swift motion.  The flexible body of the opener allows it to fit on any size bottle.  Hold the base of the corkscrew firmly and start to screw with a little pressure and a clockwise half turn.  As you continue to turn clockwise, the cork begins to climb up the spiral and out of the bottle.  After the cork is out of the bottle, simply turn the handle counterclockwise to push the cork off the screw.

Now that bikini season is upon us and the winter months are gone, we need to find ways to shave off a few pounds.  Clearly the amount of food matters and the trick is how to adjust the size of our portions when eating at home to have healthy weight management.  PRECISE PORTIONS is a new line of products to help you lose weight the healthful way.  In this line you can find a 9-inch portion control plate with divisions to help you see the need for more veggies and less protein and starch.  There is a portion control drinking glass, portion control bowl with markers for soups, salads or cereals, a menu planner and nutrition guide for great meal choices.

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