BITESIZERS MEALTIME SCISSORS are great for a last summer picnic when toddlers and babies are in tow. With a built-in sizer guide, parents and grandparents can cut food to the recommended size for young children without worry. It’s faster than a fork and knife and easy to tote along to restaurants where you can chop right in the child’s bowl. It has a nice, safe rounded design so you don’t have to worry about scratching plates, bowls, or other utensils when it is not in its plastic sheath.

The NEWMETRO MULTI-STRAINER strains and drains liquids in a flash. Constructed from durable and flexible food-grade silicone, the elliptically shaped Multi-Strainer securely clips onto the rim of any size pot or pan. This item makes straining or draining grease when frying, a cinch. The bright apple green colored gadget features small perforations in the middle that help guide liquids towards a long row of wider perforations along the rim. A generously sized pouring spout in the middle ensures liquids pour off quickly and easily. Dishwasher-safe.

KYOCERA MULTI GRATER is a fabulous tool for grating garlic, ginger, chocolate, or hard cheese. The white ceramic gadget has very sharp teeth for ease in grating. It is made of really durable but light materials that never impart a metallic taste to food. The white silicone edge on the end of the ceramic base allows one to brace it on a cutting board to avoid slipping while the soft black handle is super comfy in one’s hand. There is also a hanging hole for easy storage.

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