The LODGE SEASONED STEEL GRILLING PAN is perfect for cooking shrimp, veggies or other small items that might slip through a large grill. I like the natural, easy release finish, which makes it easier to cook food and to clean up after. I find this grilling pan holds the heat well and allows the steam and smoke to cook your food evenly. I just cooked hamburgers on the Lodge pan and they were cooked perfectly all over and popped right off the grill. I am hooked on this grill pan!

NEW METRO DESIGN COOLGRIP MICROWAVE CADDY prevents burnt fingers by offering a safer way to remove and carry hot foods from a microwave. Crafted in highly durable, BPA-free polypropylene that never gets hot in a microwave, this item is removing foods cooked and reheated in a microwave, as well as carrying hot plates and bowls to kitchen counters and tables. The CoolGrip Caddy securely holds in place various size plates and bowls, from 5 inches to 10.5 inches in diameter. The ring’s functional design catches any messy spills or boil-overs to keep microwave ovens clean. For added convenience, the caddy is top rack dishwasher safe.

ZEAL GRATE AND SHAKE Simply grate fresh Parmesan into the container, slide open the lid, and select dust or pour settings. In an instant you have the freshest toppings for any dish instantly. The shakers come in three colors of bright pink, chartreuse green, or red and are fun to place on the table.

ZEAL STOP WATERPROOF DOUBLE OVEN GLOVES fit snugly for sure gripping power. The silicone protects hands and arms from steam and boiling water. The gloves are heat resistant up to 482°F. Simply slide your hands into the mitts and you are protected to the max from heat. The gloves are fun to display in the kitchen with a great gingham pattern and flowers on the silicone gloves.

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