I really like the convenience of a new tool called the AVOLOOP. Invented by a former graphic design artist, this nifty tool scoops out the edible parts of avocadoes, mangoes, papayas, and kiwis in a flash. The unique design does not cut the fruit since it has no sharp edges making it great for kids to use. The Avoloop separates the ripe and edible parts of produce from its peel or skin. It is even useful for cleaning seeds from peppers or squashes. The flexible loop adapts to the shape of the fruit, allowing a more natural preparation process.

The COOKINA CUISINE REUSABLE COOKING SHEET looks like a sheet of plastic but is surprisingly heat-resistant, and will not burn. Cookina is totally reusable and the non-stick quality allows you to cook your food without using added oils or sprays. Clean ups are easy. To clean it, you only need to wipe it down or wash it in warm soapy water. The sheet is dishwasher safe and also safe for your oven, microwave oven, health grills and sandwich makers. I find it especially good for use on baking sheets and pans making cleanup easier. Cookina Cooking Sheet holds no odor or flavor from previous use, so you can cook fish, wipe your Cookina and then cook pancakes in the same spot. It is made for high-temperature cooking and is temperature-resistant to 500-degrees F.

LÉKUÉ POPCORN MAKER is an easy and healthy way to prepare popcorn in less than three minutes in the microwave. Simply fill the silicone bowl with up to 1/3-cup unpopped popcorn kernels, cover with the lid, and microwave for two to three minutes (microwave power and cooking times vary), or until kernels are no longer popping. Mix in your favorite spice blend or topping and enjoy! What’s fab is that the container collapses for space-saving storage. The popper is dishwasher safe and comes with great tips for making some unusual and fun types of snacks.

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