BALMUDA TOASTER OVEN has a compact and sleek look that will fit in any kitchen, no matter how small.  This oven uses steam technology, heat control, and five different modes to bring out the best in any type of bread.  The principle of this oven is that it heats more rapidly than air so a thin layer of steam envelopes the bread, lightly toasting its surface, while keeping its inner moisture and flavor from escaping.   The Balmuda has a variety of modes to bring out the best in food: artisan bread mode; sandwich bread mode, pizza mode, and pastry mode.

ZWILING PRO 10-INCH ULTIMATE BREAD KNIFE has a unique blade shape and curved bolster that supports the professional pinch grip on the blade. The blade was redesigned with a broader curve in the front to facilitate the rocking motion of Western cutting, while the straight back is ideal for the Asian chopping motion. The ZWILLING Pro 10″ Ultimate Bread Knife features scalloped serrations to ease cutting, minimize tearing and crumbs, and to maintain lasting sharpness. The combination of the serration and blade length allows for maximum performance when handling large loaves. Raised handle for knuckle clearance and easier slicing.

THE ORIGINAL BAKING STEEL: is a 16- pound slab of steel that slides into your oven and conducts heat better.  When you put it under your pizza, bread, or pie plate, it works to help crisp up the bottom of whatever you are baking.  This unique tool allows one to bake with no more soggy bottoms!

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