Here are a few ideas to make Dads and Granddads happy on Father’s Day.

SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener, The Best Choice of Master Chefs is a small wizard in the kitchen. This eco-friendly knife sharpener takes on the task of honing a blade for all kinds of knives, including serrated. The size is small but this dynamo tool has a power suction drip which attaches securely to any smooth surface. The sharpener only removes microscopic amounts of knife metal helping to keep your knives working for years. SunrisePro even sharpens scissors, pruning shears, blender blades, and shears. Your Dad will be so happy with his new kitchen tool! Note: shoppers will save 10.65% when you use this Coupon Code: TCUFM95H on

Time to get back to summer grilling. These CHICWRAP FOIL DISPENSERS are perfect for difficult jobs like grilling and even lining pans or freezing. Each dispenser includes a safe, uniquely designed slide cutter, which slices easily through any 12-inch foil and comes with one 25-foot roll of professional grade aluminum foil. I love the new illustrated BBQ design with orange and black color scheme against a metallic black background, which adds zip to a barbecue. The dispenser features a surface that is easily wiped and four rubber feet to keep it secure to any counter top. Here is a cool item to keep the smells in your refrigerator at bay.

The SMELLKILLER ZILO: REFRIGERATOR EGG is designed to get rid of those unpleasant onion, garlic, and egg smell without using baking soda packages or chemicals. Fill the bottom of the egg with water, put the lid on, and place the item in the refrigerator. It’s necessary to replace the water every few weeks. The egg comes in white, blue, purple and red.

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