KITCHENAID GOURMET BOWL SCRAPER, SET OF 2: is the perfect item now that we are into baking and cooking nonstop.  The flexible silicone bowl scrapers conform to the inside of mixing bowls which makes them ideal for baking.  These nifty gadgets also are good for scraping sticky sauces and eggs.  The scrapers are dishwasher safe.

GRILLIGHT LED SPATULA: is a great tool when grilling outside in the dark.  The bright LED flashlight built directly into the handle helps by lighting up your grill.  The spatula is heat safe, fully waterproof, and dishwasher safe – once the removable flashlight is detached.  The Grillight comes with 2 AA batteries which last about 18 hours.

JOSEPH JOSEPH SCOOP & PICK 2-PIECE ANTIPASTI SET is a handy 2-in-1 utensil that is ideal for removing olives and pickles from jars.  The long-handled slotted spoon is prefect for scooping and draining from taller jars.  There is also a sharp stainless-steel fork that clips neatly into the spoon handle for removing pickles from jars.

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