Tulips for Mothers Day
Since we are all hunkered down and cooking is our pastime, here are some great ideas to gift your mother or grandmother this Mother’s Day:

THE SMART GARDEN 3: is a great product for those who want the benefit of fresh herbs without the space.  It is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself.  With this wonderful device you get perfectly calibrated automated watering, light, and nutrients for homegrown organic, pesticide-free culinary herbs. The unit comes with a set of three biodegradable basil plant pods plus an app to make you a true plant expert.  There are more than fifty different plant varieties or use your own seeds. The unit fits neatly on any kitchen counter, window, or even in your living room!  The Click & Grow system is easy to use.  Just drop the plant pods into the container, refill the water reservoir, plug in the device, and voila, you will have herbs in a thrice!

Mom’s and Grandmothers will love the PACKIT FREEZABLE GROCERY BAG It is a great way to keep your perishable groceries fresh while you are out and about.  The cooling power is built into the base of the bag so there is no need to grab your bulky cooler and fill it with packs.  The bag is soft for easy storage.  Just store it in the freezer overnight and you will protect all your meats, dairy, and frozen items.  The bag is made of nontoxic poly canvas and has a food-safe water-resistant linking. PACKIT FREEZABLE, PORTABLE WINE CARRYING BAG is another ingenious item.  You can now keep your wine chilled to perfection when traveling to a pot luck dinner, a picnic, or to a restaurant.  PackIt’s Freezable Wine Bag features a roll-top design and carry strap system that secures the bottle in the bag and locks in the cold.

PARS PERSIAN RICE COOKER: is an amazing way to easily cook Persian rice which has the tahdig, or the golden, crispy rice which forms at the bottom of the pot.  This Pars Persian Rice Cooker is a cinch to use.  Add the rice, cooking oil, and salt to the nonstick pot, set the customizable timer and the rice has the wonderful crispy texture without any hassle.  You can also make rice for Paella or any other cuisine that uses crispy rice.  This is a perfect gift to make your Mother’s life easier!

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