KUHN RIKON PIRANHA TOMATO SET is a great way to peel soft-skinned foods like tomatoes.  The set comes with a huller as well that fits on the handle.  The serrated peeler peels off the skin of tomatoes, or even peaches, with ease.  The peeler has an ergonomic handle that works for either right-handed or left-handed people.  The huller fits right into the peeler handle for convenience.

EASY CUT has reversible slicing and grating blades that easily cut vegetables, and fruits.  The Easy Cut also has a reversible grater disc for coarse or fine grating.  The coarse side works easily on cabbage or potatoes, while the find side is good for carrots or cheese.  The unit also has a slicing disc and a feed tube separator which keeps smaller foods in an upright positon.  The Easy Cut tis easy-to-use with a pull-mechanism that rotates the blades in the container.  The non-slip silicone base holds the unit securely while in use.  The blades are safely stored in the container which is dishwasher safe.

JULIENNE POCKET PEELER is a great way to julienne uniform think strops for salads, stir-fries, or even on lemons or chocolate for dessert.  Milk Street’s Christopher Kimball designed this peeler with a super-sharp stainless-steel blade.

MISE EN PLACE COOKING SET is a wonderful set of three designed to organize ingredients when preparing foods.  The measuring marks help keep your prepping accurate.  The flat edge scoops foods from the cutting board with easy.  You can measure from ¼ cup to 2 cups or 50 ML to 500 ML.  The side grips make it easy to hold onto and the three stack together for space-saving storage.

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