NEX FRUIT SLICER PEELER, APPLE KIWI SLICER, LEMON ORANGE SQUEEZER, CREATIVE KITCHEN TOOLS GADGETS 10-IN-1 SET is a wonderful combo gadget made of food grade high quality plastic and stainless steel that is multi-functional.  The Nex Fruit Slicer is equipped with 10 different tools.  An apple cutter; avocado scoop; fruit slicer/cutter; mesh cutter; lemon squeezer; citrus cutter; grater; bowl; and masher.  Great for working with apples, pears, and other fruits.  The item is also a space saver since it is compact.

COOLMADE 8 IN 1 KITCHEN TOOL SET, MULTI KITCHEN GADGETS MAKER (FUNNEL, JUICER LEMON SQUEEZER, SPICE GRATER, EGG MASHER, CHEESE GRATER, EGG SEPARATOR, MEASURING CUP, CAN OPENER) is another set of gadgets all in one.  In one neat and compact package there is a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener; egg separator; and measuring cup.  These are all the basics essentials for the kitchen in one smart package.

TAYLOR DIGITAL SCALE WITH MEASURING CUP is an accurate measuring cup that measures by weight, not volume.  The scale automatically converts five preset ingredients: flour, sugar, milk, water, and oil, from ounces to cups.  The cup measures water, oil, and milk in cups or even milliliters.  It measures flour and sugar in cups, ounces, pounds, or grams.  The cup has easy-to-read marks in ¼ and 2-ounce increments.

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