As the shopping season begins, I’ve reviewed four items you may want to buy as gifts or for your own gourmet kitchen.

ANOLON TEAK AND MARBLE SERVING BOARD is a great gift for the holidays.  Crafted from beautiful teak wood with white marble brass accents, this board is a must for entertaining.  Cheeses, charcuterie, and dried fruits and nuts look stunning on this platter.  There is a handle for ease in passing around the platter.  This cut and serve presentation board is style and substance wrapped in one!

LÉKUE MICROWAVE GRILL is an hassle-free, healthier way to grill right in the microwave.  The food nutrients are retained with less fat to create grill-flavored food without leaving your kitchen.  Simply preheat the Lékué Microwave Grill in the microwave oven for 3 minutes.  Then brush your ingredients with olive oil and season them and then place them on the preheated lower cooking plate.  Place the upper plate on top and join the two plates with the silicone bands at the sides.  Cook according to the instructions and voila your meal is ready.  The grill is great for cooking chicken and fish, sandwiches, quesadillas, and veggies.  The cleanup is a breeze because the unit goes right in the dishwasher!

ANOLON GOURMET PREP BLOW TORCH is a fantastic gift for your favorite foodie.  Cooking torches are perfect to use at the holidays to either brown meringues or to glaze a baked ham.  I find this Anolon Torch, with a brushed aluminum nozzle with anti-flare flame guard, gives focused heat with ease.  This fun kitchen toy can sear the skin off tomatoes; roast bell peppers; melt cheese on onion soup; brown the top of your oatmeal; or is great fun for a s’more party.

TOMORROW’S KITCHEN HERB SAVER AND SALAD SPINNER is perfect for those with a tiny kitchen.  This two-in-one tool keeps your herbs fresh for up to two weeks and also does double duty as a salad spinner.  If any salad is left, store the leaves folded in the moist cloth.  The waterproof exterior creates a micro environment which is perfect for prolonging the life of your greens.

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