OXO GOOD GRIPS 3-QUART STAINLESS COLANDER is unique in that the handles are elevated so they are easier to grab and prevent from your fingers suffering from the hot steam.  The non-slip handles are comfortably soft and the non-slip feet help to keep the colander anchored to the sink or countertop.   The durable stainless-steel colander has a 3 quart capacity and is dishwasher-safe.

ANOLON 2-PIECE CRISPER SET combines a regular standard-size 10” X 15” cookie pan with a unique crisper tray.  The innovation here is that the crisper tray elevates the cookies off the bottom of the pan, enhancing circulation, and allowing for extra-crispy results.  You can make your holiday cookies on this wonderful new pan or roast potatoes, zucchini, or even meat, chicken, or fish!

SAFETY GRATER With all the new gadgets on the market, I find that I use this flat grater the most.  With no sharp blades or edges, it is the perfect tool for making egg salad.  Just boil, peel, and put your eggs on the grater and you have perfectly chopped egg salad.  I also use this grater for making potato pancakes.  It is dishwasher safe and easy to store.

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