KUHN-RIKON PUSH SLICER is a nifty kitchen gadget that slices and dices veggies and fruits with ease.  Simply select the blade you need, click it into the container, press down on the soft-touch container and the resulting slices and dices are perfectly uniform.  The clear container holds the ingredients and shows measurement marks as well!  The storage lid allows one to store the food for later.

HASSELBACK POTATO RACK is the perfect way to easily prepare thinly sliced potatoes held together by the bottom skin of the potato.  Simply place the potato on the wooden dish, putting it onto the nails in the center to make it stay through the cutting process.  Use your knife to make slices through the stainless-steel guide wires.  Then bake your potato to perfection with butter, cheese or whatever flavors you prefer.

JUBILEE BUNDT PAN is a cast aluminum baking pan to make any bundt cake look like a celebration.  The hidden hearts that appear within the swirled diamond pattern make baking more fun.  The pan holds 10 cups of batter, measures 11-inches long by 5.56-inches wide by 2.13-inches high and has a lifetime warranty.

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