DASH RAPID EGG COOKER is the easiest way to guarantee perfect eggs every time.  Simply choose your type of eggs and set the timer.  The auto-shut function prevents overcooking and the buzzer will let you know when your eggs are ready.  Choose hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, and even scrambled eggs.  The egg cooker is the perfect size to stow away or leave on your counter.  The unit comes with a one-year warranty, poaching tray, omelet tray, 6 egg-holder, measuring cup, and recipe book.

KUHN RIKON SALAD MAKER allows salad lovers to have all the prep in one unit.  The lid becomes a cutting board where you can prep, serve, or store your salad.  The basket serves as a colander and cutting guide.  The basket openings allow for cutting in any direction.  And the bowl of the BPA-free Salad maker can be using for serving the salad – especially outdoors in the summer, or as a storage container.

FRYWALL SPLATTER GUARD allows you to cook messy fried chicken without worrying about cleanups.  There are three sizes to fit your pans.  The frywall prevents spillovers too especially when stir-frying.  The fywall is BPA-FREE and is dishwasher save.  It rolls into a pint-size sleeve for easy kitchen storage.

BIG RED HOUSE POTHOLDERS, with The Heat Resistance of Silicone and Flexibility of Cotton, Recycled Cotton Infill, Terrycloth Lining, Set of 2 Red are perfect for indoor kitchen chores.  They combine the heat resistance of silicone with the flexibility of cotton in the perfect size for kitchen use.  This same company makes a wonderful chef apron which works indoors or outdoors BIG RED HOUSE CHEF APRON, Adjustable Chef Apron for Women Or Men Durable, Machine Washable Cotton, Black which is amazingly durable and what I love is that it has 6 pockets to stow long-handled tools, short-handled tools, a cell phone, and even a towel!

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