Here are some great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are useful and make your Mom and your Grandmother’s lives just a little bit easier.

CUISINART ELEMENTAL 8 FOOD PROCESSOR: is the perfect size for any kitchen.  It is big enough to make a large batch of salad dressing or a gazpacho but not too big to store on your counter.  I made a lemon poppy seed cake in a flash as efficiently as I had in my bigger size.  I like the fact that it is lightweight and easy to lift.  The wipe-clean rubberized touch pad controls are efficient.  The reversible shredding and slicing discs are great for shredding carrots, zucchini and other veggies.  Another great feature is the three processing speeds including high, low, and pulse.  The 8-cup work bowl even has measurement markings.  The food processor bowl and parts are Bisphenol A and BPA free, and fit nicely in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

CLEVER TONGS: TWO IN ONE KITCHEN SPATULA AND TONGS: truly combines the flipping style of a spatula with the squeeze of tongs into one unique gadget that makes cooking fun and easy.  Simply flip pancakes then scoop and serve eggs or scoop and fill tacos, or even turn and flip filet of sole in one easy maneuver.  The tongs are fashioned out of non-stick, heat resistant, stainless steel frame with silicone cradle which is dishwasher safe.

UNCOMMON GOODS BOILED EGG BREAKFAST MAKER: coddles the perfect egg in this delightful egg maker.  Simply butter or spray the inside of the porcelain egg and then crack and one or two eggs inside.  Add herbs or cheese and other flavorings, put on the top, secure it with the stretchy silicone band, and stand it in water until it is poached to perfection.

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