BOTTO ADJUSTABLE AIR-TIGHT CONTAINER is the new kid in town in the plastic container category.   What makes these containers so different is that they are adjustable, keeping air from the container which keeps rice, pasta, and crackers fresher.  By removing the air, the food is preserved better.  I also love the fact that these containers preserve space on your shelves as well.  You can adjust the capacity of the container from 16 ounces to 32 ounces.  These amazing space-savers are fashioned out of FDA-grade, food-safe, non-BPA materials.  These containers are dedicated to dry goods and it is also not recommended to put them in the freezer. As with many plastics, wash the containers by hand.

NORDIC WARE 3-PIECE NONSTICK ALUMINUM BAKING SET works perfectly for the new sheet pan cooking style.  You can use these aluminum half sheet pans for baking or use them to do a sheet pan salmon or chicken with evenly-browned results.  The steel reinforced rims prevent warping and the pans are PROA-free nonstick so it is easy to remove food while allowing it to crisp and brown.  The set includes 2 half sheets plus a baking and cooling grid.

GARLIC PRESS ROCKER WITH ERGONOMIC HANDLE is a new garlic press with an arched shape and comfortable handle to allow you to crush garlic in a rocking motion.  You can also use this nifty device to crush shallots, onions, or ginger.  The rocker is made of premium stainless steel and FDA approved silicone which is easy to clean.

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