OXO GOOD GRIPS GROUND MEAT CHOPPER AND TURNER features three wide blades designed for chopping and stirring ground meat while cooking it for chili or other dishes.  One blade has a silicone edge that is perfect for scraping pan edges and transferring food out of pans.  The rounded shape of the blades allows them to easily reach into the difficult corners of pans and get the trapped pieces of meat.  I also find this tool useful to empty out cans of tomato sauce.  This nifty tool is safe for nonstick cookware and is also dishwasher safe.

FLEDGE: DREAMFARM FLIP EDGE CUTTING BOARD is a unique cutting board where you can chop on one side with the edges flipped down and then flip the edges up to prevent the items from rolling off when transported to a pot or bowl.  Fledge has non-slip rubber feet and knife-friendly patterns on both sides.

PREP SOLUTIONS BANANA SLICER allows one to cut perfect banana slices quickly and efficiently.  Simply press down and repeat down the entire length of the banana.  The included receptacle holds a full sliced banana which can be instantly added to your favorite cereal or fruit salad.  The slicer is perfect for young children and is dishwasher safe.

MICROPLANE BUTTER BLADE is an innovatively-designed and multi-functional utensil which effortlessly slices, spreads, and forms butter into perfectly shaped restaurant curls.  The top side of the blade slices pats of butter and easily cuts through paper wrapping for accurate baking.  The bottom side features three rows of tiny holes that when pulled across a stick of butter, created soft strands that warm up quickly to spread on toast, muffins, corn, or baked potatoes.  The butter blade is dishwasher safe and great to use with cream cheese, too.

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