LÉKUÉ NEW MICROWAVE GRILL  transforms a regular microwave oven into a grill.  The new cooking pan features a top and bottom microwave-safe metal plate which allows microwaves from the oven to cook food through the plates, achieving a golden-brown sear on the food in a fraction of the time it takes to grill outdoors.  This compact grill takes just 10 inches of space which will fit most microwave ovens easily.

TOVOLO CORN BOWL: Now that the summer is here, this corn bowl is a unique way to gather corn off the cob.  Simply place the ear of corn on the nob, use a knife and the corn falls into the bowl quickly and easily.  This dishwasher safe, BPA-free bowl is great to use when taking corn off the cob for corn bread, salad, or salsas.

CHEF ‘N LEMON-AID CITRUS SPIRALIZER: is a unique gadget that neatly and quickly spiralizes citrus, fruits, and veggies.  It makes wonderful garnishes which can be added to infused water, placed as accents on roasted meats and other entrees, and topped on cocktails to make them look spectacular.

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