MICROPLANE 3 IN 1 AVOCADO TOOL is a nifty kitchen gadget that has a straight edge with an exaggerated wide curve and rounded tip to effortlessly slice through the skin of the avocado cutting it in half.  The durable steel blade is crafted with a slight bend to allow one to easily scoop the avocado pulp out of the skin.  And there are three sharp prongs at the base of the tool which safely and easily handle the tricky task of pitting the avocado safely.

LITTLE GRIDDLE ANYWHERE CERAMIC SKILLET: Not only does this 12-inch skillet brown ingredients beautifully without any food sticking, but it goes on a stovetop as well as a BBQ grill or even a campfire!  This indoor-outdoor pan is made of durable, lightweight food-grade aluminum with a special ceramic coating and a high-temp nonstick surface.  I like it because I get even distribution of the heat, it gets flavors from the barbecue, and is a cinch to clean!  It also has spouts on both sides of the pan for easy pouring.

SHOPPING CART TROLLEY BAGS: Trolley Bags were designed to make grocery shopping a breeze.  Simple line up your bags in your cart and fill them with your groceries.  They spread out perfectly when you are ready to use them in any standard shopping cart. They easily separate to load into your car. Once you are finished you just fold them up and roll them up for easy storage. Once you have finished your shopping, separate the bags and store them in your car or carry them home.  The bags are reusable, foldable, and detachable.

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