PENGUIN TEA TIMER “TEA-BOY” Tea lovers will adore this penguin who holds onto a teabag in hot water for the perfect number of minutes before lifting it out, avoiding bitter, over-steeped tea.  This adorable penguin also doubles as a kitchen timer.

PUSH BERRY is a one-step strawberry huller and slicer from Fusion Brands. For those that love fresh strawberries, the new PushBerry is the first one-piece hand held strawberry tool that completely removes the core and slices whole fresh strawberries all in a single easy one-step motion.  Simply center the strawberry over the coring edge and push the berry through the tool so that the stem and core are left behind in the tool and the sliced quarters of the berries drop perfectly into your bowl. I also love that this nifty tool quarters a kiwi with ease.

THE NEGG: HARD-BOILED EGG PEELER: is a perfect item for Passover and Easter.  This nifty gadget makes the very tedious task of peeling boiled eggs a cinch.  Simply add a little water and your boiled egg to the device, snap on the cap, shake about 6 to 12 times, and presto, the egg is shelled.  I find that working with older eggs is better for this task.  The unit is PBA-free and washes in a few minutes in soapy water.

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