Here are some fun gadgets and tools for your favorite foodie this holiday season.

WORK SHARP CULINARY E5 KITCHEN KNIFE SHARPENER: I was so thrilled to try this new state-of the art knife sharpener since my knives were sorely in need of help!  And it worked like a charm with ease.  This unit uses controlled speeds and timed sharpening cycles to shape, sharpen and refine all your kitchen knives at the touch of a button.  The one-touch programming selects the sharpening cycle to shape, sharpen, or just refine the cutting edge. When you are ready to start preparing a meal, just a few stokes along the honing and your knives are ready to go. Honing preserves the cutting effectiveness of your knives, and extends intervals between sharpening.  This is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie this holiday season!

MICROPLANE 2-IN-1 APPLE TOOL is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite foodie.  This tool makes baked apples or apple pie so easy.  It features a unique serrated coring blade at one end and a straight-edge peeler at the other.  It has a soft-touch grip and smartly comes with a reusable protective cover.

URBAN TREND MISTRAL MINI-MANDOLINE is the perfect tool for quickly and easily julienning fruits and veggies.  I like the small size and that the Mistral slices in two directions with a double-sided stainless steel micro-serrated blade.  This nifty device slices and juliennes in three different thicknesses.  It has a safety setting and markings as well as a non-skid base and hand guard.

CRACK A SMILE BREAKFAST MOLD is a fun way to brighten up your breakfast.  This yellow ducky is a heat-safe silicone mold that turns your breakfast of eggs or pancakes into fun shapes.  Recipes included.  Funny Side Up Puppy mold is also fun if you are a dog lover!

And for even more fun gift your favorite foodie with SCRUBWICH a fun deli-style sponge that will make you smile even though you are doing the dishes!

PAULA DEEN SPECKLED STONEWARE CERAMIC 3-QUART MIXING BOWL is a sturdy well-designed ceramic bowl with a vintage enamelware-look.  The neat thing about this bowl is that is goes from electric mixing to the oven since it is oven safe up to 500F.  The bowl is also versatile to go in the freezer to chill it before whipping cream. The bowl is also dishwasher-safe.

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