GOURMIA’S UNIVERSAL CAPSULE COFFEE ESPRESSO MACHINE: is compatible with all espresso pods!  This clever coffee maker adapts to any type of pod you have.  Simply press and button and voila, a cup of espresso is at your fingertips.  The machine produces either a small espresso cup or a large cup size. You can even pop in the coffee pod the night before, set it, and you will have coffee to wake you up.  The programmable features ensure you get the perfect amount of coffee at just the right temperature and the thermoblock heating system ensures that the whole process happens as quickly as possible!

THE WAND BY PUREWINE: is the only wine filter technology that helps to alleviate hangovers, and other morning after miseries by Removing 95% of the histamines and sulfite preservatives from wine.  The Wand purifies all wine varietals, both red and white, in as little as three minutes, acting just like a water filter!  The swirling action of The Wand accelerates aeration and helps ensure a smooth taste .   I like that the wand is easy-to-use, portable, disposable, BPA-Free, and is made in the USA.

LEKUÉ MICROWAVE BACON COOKER: is the quickest, cleanest, and easiest way to cook bacon in the microwave oven.  This compact bacon maker cooks up to 6 slices of bacon in less than 6 minutes.  I like that it is designed with dep grooves so that the fat is drained away from the bacon and the bacon is crisper.  The unit has a clear lid for easy viewing, is dishwasher safe, and all parts are BPA free.  And for the rest of your breakfast, try the LÉKUÉ OATMEAL KIT which allows you to make a batch of homemade healthy, oatmeal in just four minutes.  I love that you can cook and serve the oatmeal in the same container which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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