PREPARA LEMON-LIME FRESH WEDGE makes eight perfect wedges in a flash! Simply place a lemon or lime in the cradle and push down with the wedge handle. The unit is made of durable stainless steel cutting blades.   The lemon-lime wedger is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

JOSEPH JOSEPH BLADE BRUSH Is a quick and safe way to clean knives.  It keeps the knife sharp and with its unique wrap-around design, both sides of the knife come out clean.  The handgrip is textured for ease.

BAKELICIOUS SWIFT SIFT makes baking a breeze.  Swift sift aerates flour in seconds and prevents countertop messes.  Measure out the amount of flour or powdered sugar you want to sift, place it into the top portion of the Swift Sift, pull the drawstring and presto the flour is sifted through into a removable measuring cup.  I like that when you are finished, the unit collapses for easy storage.

KEYBOARD WAFFLE IRON is not only effective as a waffle maker, but is total fun to use!  Simply preheat the iron, coat with nonstick cooking spray, pour in your favorite batter, close the lid, flip once, cook for 2 to 3 minutes, and voila, CTRL + ALT + Shift = breakfast!  I like the comfortable heat-resistant-bakelite-curved handle for easy flipping.  The waffles are Belgian style and delicious.  What a fun way to enjoy breakfast!

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