CUISIPRO COLLAPSIBLE YOGURT MAKER is a perfect antidote to holiday overeating.  You can start off the New Year making nutritious homemade yogurt to use for breakfast, in smoothies, or dips.  What makes this yogurt maker so handy is that the sides collapse for super-easy storage.  The machine is a breeze to use and has an automatic shut off! The large compartment accommodates a variety of container sizes and is for use with glass, ceramic, and plastic containers. The unit comes with a one year warranty. Buy it here!

NOVIS VITA JUICER: is a premium multi-functional juicer that is the newest and hottest on the market.  Juice stores are springing up all over and charging a fortune.  Invest in the Novis which uses three components in combination to extract juice: a citrus press, a shredder and a high speed centrifuge, for juicing, smoothing and pressing fruit.Add the centrifuge, which catches and spins pulp at up to 2,000 rpm, for maximum extraction of juice and nutrients, along with the elimination of all pips and pulp. The centrifuge also creates a kind of micro aeration with gives your juice a delicious creamy texture. For harder fruits and vegetables like carrots, the citrus press is replaced with a feed wide mouth-chute and a shredding disc is added to the centrifuge. The Vita Juicer is simple to operate with one on/off switch.  All of the parts that come into contact with the juice can be easily removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.

JOSEPH JOSEPH 12-PIECE COMPACT NEST STORAGE is a perfect set of nesting snap-together color-coded storage containers.  I particularly love that it saves storage space since the BPA-free containers with airtight lids nest comfortably like Russian nesting dolls.  The containers are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe and has sizes for every use.

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