CUISINART COOKFRESH DIGITAL GLASS STEAMER  is a powerful steamer that delivers steam in a surround system evenly and quickly.  The 5-liter dishwasher-safe glass container is large enough to feed a family with chicken, rice and veggies, or fish, veggies, and quinoa.  I like the ability to remove the 1-liter water tank easily to fill it before cooking.  If you and your family are into healthful family meals, this item is a MUST!

ANOLON 9-INCH SQUARE SPRINGFORM DESSERT PAN is a unique sized pan which allows the user to bake wonderful savory tarts, inspired cheesecakes, and layered appetizer tortes with ease.  The pan has a durable base, with nonstick interior, and an expandable collar that forms the pan sides.  When finished baking, at temperatures up to 450 degrees F, simply pop it open to reveal a finished dessert or tart.  The carbon steel construction resists warping and promotes even browning of the crust.

WHISKLE: Whisk with Scraper by Joseph Joseph is a nifty kitchen gadget which not only whisks, but also scrapes the bowl in one motion.  I love it for pancakes or other batters.  The whisk part of the gadget is made of polished stainless-steel wires with a flexible silicone bowl scraper and an ergonomic non-slip handle.  The whiskle is also dishwasher safe.

I also love the THE ELEVATE SPATULA, by Joseph Joseph, which allows me to use a rubber spatula, while eliminating the mess on my countertop with its integrated tool rest.  I am always assured that the head is away from the surface of my workspace ensuring more sanitary conditions.  You can use this tool and others from the collection with non-stick cookware since they are heat resistant for temperatures up to 392°F.  I love using this tool to make my slow scrambled eggs to perfection!

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